Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day from all of us :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Find me at my new blog!

Hi Everybody!!!

I finally am back in the blogging world, but I HAVE MOVED!!!

Look for new posts on my new blog at

I'm going to have lots of great tips and insights peppered with the everyday experiences my little men give me :) It's going to be a good time, so I hope to see you there!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season's Greetings

****Just posting my Christmas Letter in case I missed emailing it to anyone. Merry Christmas all!***

I think I have officially procrastinated long enough now. Long gone are the days where I would have all of my Christmas cards written, stamped, and mailed before Thanksgiving (those days went the way of my house being immaculately clean and a car that wasn't lined with goldfish and Cheerios).

My apologies for the tardiness of this email and apologies that this is an email and not a card. But since we are in the days of eco-awareness, we can just consider this my contribution to preserving the environment. :)

It has been quite a busy year, delightfully so.

Eli is now 3 ½. He is getting so tall and, well, HUGE! He still loves playing with cars or anything with wheels. He is particularly fond of dirt and playing outside as much as possible. Eli is very active and is always the life of the party. He has the most wonderful, contagious laugh (especially when he is being ferociously tickled)! He absolutely adores helping Daddy do just about anything. All summer he helped Brandon mow the lawn, work on his car, and do other general household repairs.

Xander is 18 months now (what happened to my baby?!). He is also getting big! I’m not sure what we are feeding these guys to make them grow so much. Xander is talking really well now and both he and Eli have learned a bit of sign language that has been pretty fun to use. Xander is such a little lover and loves to give hugs and snuggles. He also packs quite the attitude when the situation calls for it!

They both love to play together and pick on each other. Sibling rivalry is alive and well most days in our house.

What have I been doing that is keeping me from writing actual Christmas cards and keeping my house to Martha Stewart standards? Well, I have been super busy being a mommy and wife and writing a book amongst a host of other exciting things. The book title is Raising Thoughtful Children: 6 Essential Skills Your Child Will Never Learn in School. I've been busy typing away to get the manuscript finished so we can submit it to the editor at the end of January. The release date will be around May or June 2010! How exciting!!

Brandon is still working for Micron (made it through the massive layoffs with flying colors) and has been super busy being the world's greatest husband and daddy giving me as much time as possible so I can write my book. Brandon's also been studying real estate investing and is super excited to start applying what he has been learning.

2009 has been a year of much learning and expansive ideas. So many exciting things are on the horizon. We have SO much to be grateful for! It is positively awe inspiring. Brandon and I are going on 12 years of marital bliss (It seems like it was just yesterday we got married!) and our two little boys have been such amazing teachers. We love having their sweet spirits in our lives!!

So I raise my glass of eggnog to an amazing 2009 and am looking forward to 2010 being the best year ever! Wishing you all a year of love and abundance!

Happy Holidays!!


Kirsten, Brandon, Eli, and Xander Nelson

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas at Our House

Santa came to our house a couple of days early this year because Daddy has to work. We had an AWESOME morning and the kids had a blast!

Eli came into our room this morning and asked if Santa had come yet. We told him we would have to go downstairs and look. Eli snuggled into the blankets and said, "It's still a little too early. I'm just going to sleep a little longer." (I swear this must be because we have a new mattress pad that feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. It lured him into it's memory foam softness).

Xander woke up and so we went and got Xander and then made our way downstairs to inspect the loot Santa left. Good stuff all the way round! Santa was very generous at our household this year.

Merry Early Christmas!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

18 Months?!

I'm just not sure how that is possible! My little baby is 18 months old today. He has grown SO much! I feel a little guilty for not keeping up on his milestones like I did with Eli, but I have a few more things rolling right now than I did when Eli was his age.

So here are a few fun things about Xander as we mark his 18th month in our family.
  • He is starting to talk up a storm! He is picking up oodles of new words every day. So nice when they can communicate!
  • He not only walks with ease, he can also run and jump! He has the CUTEST little hoppy run!!
  • He is TEETHING! 5 coming in at once is a bit brutal, but 3 of the 5 are almost all the way in.
  • He's got ATTITUDE! Much of this is learned from big brother (Thanks, Eli!). He's a bit sassy and will spit at me when I tell him no or do something he doesn't like...definitely NOT my fav!
  • He LOVES balls, especially his football! He loves throwing them and chasing them and just holding them.
  • He adores the CAMERA and always lets out a big "CHEEEEEEESE!" whenever he sees me trying to take a shot.
  • He LOVES Eli and Daddy! The first words out of his mouth in the mornings are "Eli? Daddy?"
  • His sentences are frequently peppered with "Whoa Dude!"
  • He is so SMART! He amazes me with all the things he understands and how fast he picks things up.
  • He loves playing outside ALL the time! None of us do well cooped up in the house...winter is not my fav season...brrrr.
  • He loves taking baths and will try to strip naked whenever he sees a tub.
  • He has the most beautiful hazel eyes and the longest eyelashes.
  • He loves to be wrapped up in his blankets at naptime and bedtime. All you have to do to get him to go to bed is ask him if he wants to snuggle. He goes to his room and waits for you to lay the blankets down and he plops down waiting to be bundled up.
  • He still makes amazing MESSES at meal time. Really very impressive. I won't be sad when this phase passes. He also refuses to let me feed him and gets quite indignant when I insult him by trying to spoon something into his mouth.
He is the sweetest little guy and we just love him to pieces. He is such a treasure and brings joy to our hearts every day. We love you Xander!!!

He is saying "CHEEEESE" in all these pictures...


Halloween Etc.

Here are some fun pics of what we have been up to. The boys had a blast on Halloween and the Halloween Fairy brought some pretty sweet Hot Wheels Big Rigs in exchange for the excess candy! Love this new arrangement!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Take a Zebra

I've been working with Eli and Xander to take a deep breath when they are upset to help them calm down. It's been amazingly effective!

This morning I was watching a touching video of a certified therapy dog who comforted the elderly who are near death. Of course I was sobbing. It was a beautiful video.

Eli, who saw me weeping came up to me with open arms saying,

"It's okay, Sweetpea! You're okay! Take a zebra." He then demonstrated taking a very deep yoga breath ending in the Namaste position.

Wow! That was absolutely hilarious. I got a whole bunch more hugs and kisses and requests to take another zebra while I was choking between tears and laughter.

I really do love my job!